Making Data Agile

agilitar - to speed up; to make agile

Extend reach & functionality

Under the brand name Security Directory Integrator (SDI, previously TDI), this general-purpose integration tool is freely included as part of a host of products, including:

  • Connections,

  • QRadar

  • Cognos

  • OpenPages GRC

  • Maximo Apps (Service Desk, CCMDB, TRIRIGA)

  • Guardium

  • Security Verify Governance

  • Identity Manger

Bundled to power a limited set of features for each product. Security Directory Integrator can be used far beyond this advertised functionality.

Agilitar represents unparalleled expertise in Integrator, gleaned from years of projects implementing everything from identity/auth feeds & synchs, to performing self-healing operations based on security events, to migrating, validating and service-enabling siloed systems and legacy data.

Even without a license, the tool is free to use for hypothesis testing, prototyping and discovering, migrating and merging data sources. License fees are incurred when solutions are deployed to production as infrastructure wiring.

If you are uncertain, reach out to us and start a conversation.

Integrator - acquired by IBM as IBM Data Integrator

This 'swiss army knife of integration' was initially acquired as IBM Data Integrator. It was then renamed Tivoli Directory Integrator and finally rebranded Security Directory Integrator. Don't let the name fool you. Integrator is one of the fastest, most flexible integration and solutioning powertools available. Regardless of name, the toolkit thoroughly support directories, as well as databases, services and other data stores, systems and APIs.

Agility means short, amplified feedback loops

Integrator provides fast and visual prototyping of dataflows and services. Its visual debugger facilitates interactive solution evolution, exploring data sets and APIs, refining an MVP and extending it incrementally until it is ready to deploy in production.

Many Integrator users lack adequate training and/or have limited understanding of the technology due to focus on one particular usage of this versatile tool. Agilitar provides training as well as project guidance, unlocking relevant value creation.

The first step in making data more agile

Whether you want in informal chat about an ongoing project, or to discuss approaches and techniques for an upcoming task, we are here as your partners in this conversation. In the spirit of client collaboration, the Spring 0 is without charge.

Many teams have benifited from Integrator LabJams, a popular garage-style event where teaching and solutioning go hand in hand, and the take away is the start of an MVP for a particular requirement.

For a discussion on making data more agile, drop us a line at eddiehartman at gmail dot com.

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The Integrator portal page is at this link.

You can also join the ongoing discussion on the Integrator Forum.

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